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Super Swing Trainer Reviews

Peter T  CA

Excellent! Most helpful training aid I have ever used, and I have tried them all. Helps me visualize the correct swing path even when I am not using it.

Nat B NY

Love this thing. Really Works I am a believer. Great product.

Glenn W FL

Hoping my son becomes the next Tiger Woods :) He is really enjoying this really see a difference in his game and mine. Great product Thanks

LLoyd D CA

Great trainer but big! i have it in my garage and it takes up some space but worth it.

Sandy T UT

Love it ended up getting the putting aid also. Brought me down into the high 80's from high 90's will update you when I hit 70's :)

Anthony B FL

Great Trainer buy without a worry this will help.

Phan B NJ

Great for my game really honed my swing.

Eric K NY

Great Product. Highly Recommend it.


Excellent product!!! Fast shipping!!! A+


Very Cool

Albert C  CA

Great Product. Love my swing trainer does just what it says.

Dean S  NH

The exercise cords are great you can really feel the resistance. This is by far one of the best training aids on the market.

Tom A PA

Great training aid bought one for my dad.

Michael C AL

Corrected my slice in a little over a month very happy with the SST!

Bill E CT

Best Trainer I have used added distance and cut my slice. Recommended to all my friends.

The Super Swing Trainer is a uniquely designed teaching aid that develops awareness through structured exercises and kinesthetic feedback for the development of a correct swing plane.

With the introduction of the Super Swing Trainer, we now have a design effective vehicle that golfers can use to develop, through practical application, the principal of the swing plane.

Playing golf is not a natural gift... for anyone! It is the result of determination and systematic effort to learn. With use of the Super Swing Trainer, the use of the swing plane principal is significantly apparent.

Perhaps the greatest testament, or proof, that a product lives up to its claims are the actual testimonies from satisfied consumers of the Super Swing Trainer, and those of teaching professionals.

To follow, are, but a few, letters of gratitude written by some very very pleased customers of the Super Swing Trainer. As well, we have included remarks of praise from various highly regarded teaching professionals in the golf community;

Professional Endorsements

Bruce Fleisher, Senior Tour Pro, North Miami, FL:
"It’s terrific. It gives you the feel in your swing for where you should be. A doctor friend of mine in Pennsylvania has one for the hospital and one at home. If he spends 30 minutes a day with it, he’ll be a new man. Everyone should own one."

Bill Balish, PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens, FL:
"The Super Swing Trainer helps to get the swing plane and swing path properly related. It gets the person to ‘feel’ what you’re trying to say. That’s the nice part about this device."

Larry Degenhart, Golf Academy of the South, Winter Springs, FL:
"As a PGA professional and former PGA Tour player, I’ve observed many different swings and styles. I would describe the Super Swing Trainer as the fastest kinesthetic feedback on the swing plane ever. It’s a teacher’s dream come true."

Art Quick, Art Quick School of Golf, Antioch, TN:
"Needless to say, this machine will set me apart from any other teaching professional in the Tennessee Section and probably the Mid-West."

Mike Adams, PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens, FL:
"This machine helps bypass the conscious learning process and enables the student to create the perfect swing."

Bill Davis,Master Professional at Jupiter Hills Club, Jupiter, FL:
"The Superis one of the finest teaching aids I have ever used. Once your students know how to properly practice with it, the progress with their swing is amazingly fast. Anyone serious about their teaching should have one. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate the Super a 15!"

Kitione Malle, Pro at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL: "
As a golf pro and golf instructor, the Super Swing Trainer is a great device for any golfer regardless of their handicap. It helps train the golfer’s muscles to repeat the same swing all the time. It also helps the golfer with his tempo."

Martin Hall, Golf Instructor at St. Andrews Country Club, Boca Raton, FL: "I’ve found it to be extremely informative and educational, both in my own game and with my students. It really is great when used on a repetitive basis."

Customer Endorsements

Dear Tom,

Everything your TV advertisement showed is true! My score had decreased, my swing is much smoother, and I am definitely hitting the ball further with more accuracy.

For the first time I broke fifty on nine holes at Errol Estates Grove course golfing with my daughter and son-in-law. I am trying to talk him into also buying a Super Swing Trainer. Unless I’m out of town, I religiously make sure I get my twenty minutes of daily training. My score is back in the high eighties and my goal is to bring it down into the high seventies or very low eighties. I know the swing trainer will help me if I continue using it, and after these results in a short time I certainly will continue training with it. Thanks again for your advice and answering my questions of several occasions after the sale. I’d be honored to play a round of golf with you someday, but give me another few months to bring the score down a little more.


Ron Hill

I really love my Super Swing Trainer. It has helped my golf game tremendously. My score has dropped I5 to 20 strokes and it has given me about 20 to 30 yards on my distance. It has also helped me with my accuracy. 1 hit the ball straighter and been closer to the pin on my chip shots. I have had my Super Swing Trainer for more than a year and a half. My friends have seen the change in my game; they even compliment me on how smooth and natural my swing looks. My confidence has never been higher. Thanks for your great product I highly recommend it to all my friends and family who enjoy the game of golf as much as I do.


Timothy D. Wallace, Sr.

Jacksonville AR

I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know the results I have been getting from the Super Swing Trainer. After watching your infomercial numerous times on The Golf Charnel and thinking that it made sense but probably was just another gimmick that would end up in my cellar. I decided to take you up on the 30 day guarantee. During the first 30 days of owning the swing trainer I was only able to use it 6 or 7 times, it was Nov/Dec. and cold in Pennsylvania. One Saturday in December it was in the high 40’s and one of the courses was open so I went out to play. My previous best on this course was an 87. 1 shot an 84 that day and felt much more comfortable. I have now had the Super Swing Trainer for 9 months. Yesterday, I shot a 74 on the same course. I have only been able to find enough time to use the swing machine 6-9 times per month. Even this limited amount of effort has been enough to develop the muscle memory necessary to allow me to step up to the ball and swing without trying to think about 15 different things. I tell everyone I talk to how great this machine is and the results they will get. Thanks so much for developing this terrific teaching tool.


Kenneth G. Brigham

PHOENIX, AZ—George wanted longer and straighter tee shots. He wanted lower scores. Above all else, he wanted to lower his handicap, George knew that perfecting his swing was the key. In 1990, he dedicated himself to developing the perfect swing. He tried training aids that would correct his back swing and others that would improve his follow-through. He found that the perfect golf swing had been dissected, analyzed and digitized into so many component parts that the effort to improve his whole swing was like a never ending technological jig-saw puzzle.

The instructors George worked with told him to "...keep practicing. When it all comes together, you’ll feel it." George had felt good swings, even great swings, from time to time. What he needed was consistency. What he had was frustration. Then George found a prototype for what is today The Super Swing Trainer Swing Adjustable Machine. It improved his swing so quickly and so completely that he bought the company.

The Super Swing Trainer of today is the result of continuous research, test marketing and improvements. Fifty of the top teaching professionals and many touring professionals on all three tours pronounce the results astounding, Recent studies also show The Super Swing Trainer users adding forty yards to their tee shots.

Bob Cooke, one of the most prominent teachers in the world, says, "The Super Swing Trainer is the best product on the market today." The Super Swing Trainer cuts handicaps by as much as 50% in 21 days.

Another teacher of touring professionals, George Fagan, says "This machine helps bypass the conscious learning process and enables the student to create his perfect swing. Super Swing Trainer enables you to hit the ball farther and straighter than ever."

Pat Landy, teaching professional also from Palm Beach, now uses The Super Swing Trainer with all of his students. He says, "It’s the best tool a golfer could have. The instant results have overwhelmed me, My students improve incredibly fast and cut their handicap in half in 21 days." The Super Swing Trainer is the world’s best golf trainer.