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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a "cleaned" and "uncleaned" unit?
When we get the pipe it comes from the factory with print on it. We do not take the time to make it shiney and white. This does not effect the way the swing trainer operates in any way. A cleaned unit is shiney and white an uncleaned unit will have print on it and the pipe will not be white giving it a used appearance..

Does the swing trainer work for both right and left handed golfers?
Yes, you can use the same swing trainer if you are right handed or left handed.

Can two people use the same swing trainer?
As long as they fall in the same hieght range of 4'9" to 5'9" for a medium or 5'9" to 6'5" for a large model.

But if you have a golfer who is below 5'9" and one taller than 5'9" you will need a Dual ring model. It is a large model with a snap on ring that turns it into a medium unit.

What is a dual ring swing trainer? 
The dual ring swing trainer is a large swing trainer that comes with a medium snap on ring. This turns your large swing trainer into a medium swing trainer when a smaller golf would like to practice.

Is the swing trainer easy to set up?
Yes, it is pre-marked for easy assembly.  Most people have it fully assembled in less than 30 minutes.

Do I need an experienced instructor? 
No, the swing trainer comes with an instructional videos online.

Doe the Super Swing Trainer 'fold away' for storage? 
Yes, the swing trainer folds away.If you take the ring off the base will fold right down and can be hung on hooks in your garage.

How does it weigh?
The swing trainer weighs between 35 and 50 lbs. depending on the model you get.

Does it require any internal / external floor fixings required? 
Not required.

Does it come in different color options?
No, it only comes in White.

What are the dimensions? 

What is the Life span of the Super Swing Trainer? 
Forever (Highest quality PVC)

Is it guaranteed?
Yes, for 30 Days.

Frame wear?

Will the Super Swing Trainer damage my clubs or shafts? 
No it will not damage any steel shafted clubs. Graphite shafts however will get marked up after prolonged usage so you may want to cover them with painters tape if using them on the swing trainer.

Will it fit in my basement? 
If you can swing a club in your basement the swing trainer will fit.

Can it be used by Beginning Golfers or is it for experienced golfers only?

The swing trainer is designed for use for both beginner and experienced golfers. It’s easy to use and you will notice dramatic results in days.