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Putting Aid

Super Swing Trainer Golf Putting Aid

Golf Games are won and lost on the green and if you are averaging 3 to 4 putts a hole or more you may want to invest in the SST Putting Aid. This simple machine forces you to line up every putt with the hole hitting a straight shot every time. If you save 1/2 stroke a hole that will cut your score by 9 points.

The SST Putting Aid is designed with the same philosophy that makes our Swing Trainer so effective. Muscle Memory - by practicing 20 minutes a day you will soon see a dramatic improvement in your ability to line up putts and hit them straight. Cutting your putting stokes in half and draining 10 foot putts on a regular basis. The SST Putting Aid comes with extension rods to line up those long putts in can be used indoors on your rug or take it to a local putting green.

The SST Putting Aid has an adjustable glide so you can line up your club with ease. It is one training aid you do not want to be without.